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presenting ~ storyblogging carnival XXXIII

Welcome to the 33rd fortnightly edition of the Storyblogging Carnival. We have 14 entries this time, so let's get right to them.


Mark A. Rayner at The Skwib entered two posts for this carnival. First is Thag Do Meditation! The word count is 400; the rating PG.

The goofy continuation of Thag and his caveman problems, this time looking at the odd science of meditation and human handedness.

His second entry is The Tragedy of William Tell. Word count, 450 words; rating, PG (some violence).

An alternate history imagining if the William Tell legend was true, and what if he hadn't shot the apple off his son's head.

[Mark generally writes very short fiction - very remarkable short fiction. Oops - unintended pun there.]


Tom Harrison of Monday Evening offers Occam's Gyroscope. This story is 540 words long, and rated G.

The real story behind the death of Rasputin; or maybe that's what they want you to think.

[Occam must have lost track of his razor that day...]


Goemagog at this space for sublet presents The Ghost who saved the holiday. This story is 620 words long, rated pg-13, and surprisingly contains no monkeys.

[A little weird, this story. Or maybe a lot. :-)]


From The Colossus, comes The Spy Novel, Episode #27. (The entire novel to date can be found here.) This excerpt is 1506 long; the entire novel to date runs to 54,721 words. Rating for the novel is PG-13 for combat violence.

From a review by novelist Eric R. Ashley: "Cold, controlled, paranoid, and searching speculation based on tiny clues, this story sucks you in, and grabs you. Who are your friends? Is the hero that, or simply a protagonist of questionable virtue, although undoubted skill? When will the betrayal come, and who will do it? Crisp writing style, and more questions than one can shoot with a full clip of ammo."

[This particular chapter contains a sex scene (not graphic) between an unmarried couple. FYI]


Eric R. Ashley from Tales of Tadeusz offers the Prologue for I, Doppleganger. Length is 1548 words; rating, PG.

A peaceful planning session is spoiled when a doppleganger shows up on the doorstep with a story to tell.

[Wondering how I would react to opening my door and finding my exact duplicate on my doorstep...]


Continuing her remarkable set of interviews with people from all walks of life, Vernice Jones of Jones Blog brings us the latest installment, this time from a one who, with her twin, beats the odds. No One Can Take That Away From You: Another Personal Story is nonfiction, 1629 words long, and rated G.

[Reminds me of how two are better than one - how, if one is ready to fall, the other can help her back up.]


Adam Graham at Adam's Blog submits Forgotten, Part Two and Part Three. The word count is 1889, and the rating is PG.

Blinded while protecting his flocks from a lion, Josiah Bar Natan is forced to seek refuge with his Uncle Benjamin in Jerusalem during the days of Christ's ministry. His uncle's servant girl, Rachel, is assigned the daunting duty of convincing a proud Josiah to accept her help and his condition, as Josiah has vowed to fast and pray until the Lord restores his sight.

[I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.]


Theron Marshman of HARKONNENDOG presents CLOWN excerpt- Prologue and Chapter 1. This is 1917 words of some 65,000 total. Rating is PG-13.

In which Clown explains that he is writing a confession, and sees himself as others see him by looking at a Raiders of the Lost Ark poster through a store window.

[Some interesting, thought-provoking philosophical questions are asked here.]


From TAN at The Assimilated Negro comes a three-post story, 'Arrested for Holding a DVD': part 1, part 2, and part 3. Word count is approx. 2500-3000 total; rating is PG/PG13.

How TAN got stopped by undercover policemen and unlawfully arrested.

[Get ready to get angry.]


Here at 'tales by sheya,' I have posted the next two chapters of 'the child.' (First chapter here.) From Part 3 of my mini-trilogy, chapters 6 and 7 add 4559 words to a 99,745-word work-in-progress. Rating continues to hover at PG.

As they end their first day in the dungeons, the groups meet as promised to give their reports. Wait till they hear Stone's...


Dave Gudeman at Doc Rampage continues his belated Halloween story 'Inc Magic.' Parts 3, 4, and 5 add the next 5,709 word of this 12,288-word story-in-progress. Rating is PG.

Steve is drawn further into the mysterious world of magic and demons that the tattoo artist first warned him about. He learns that his tattoo is good for something besides annoying his mother.

[Goosebumps time!]


Donald S. Crankshaw at Back of the Envelope gives us Envoys, Chapter 12 of Fire. (The whole story can be found here. This is 5,727 words of a 90,110-word novel. Rating is PG-13.

Gaius finally manages to return to the Pass where his brother and cousin wait with the legions. Their reunion is brief, however, as Gaius must carry warning all the way to Novaro itself.

[I couldn't wait; I clicked the whole story link and read it all. :-)]


Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium posts Chapters 15 &16 of 'Britannia Revived.' Word count is 6,842; rating PG/PG-13 (strong language, violence).

The tale continues...

[As the EU world continues to fall into chaos, some are out for power, while some are agonizing over what to do when a cyborg falls pregnant.]


And there you have it. I hope you enjoy reading our stories this time, and please link to the carnival and tell all your friends.

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