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storyblogging carnival XXIX is here!

Welcome to the 29th edition of the biweekly Storyblogging Carnival. We are now well into our second year, and going strong with 13 entries this time. Read and enjoy!


Mark A. Rayner of 'The Skwib' has three entries this time. The first is Thag not like mornings! About 200 words, rating PG 13.

Author's comments: The continuing adventures of Thag the caveman.

The second is Special Agent Mulva. About 300 words, PG 13, some sexual content.

[This one is a bit of a take-off on a particular cult-classic TV show.]

And the third is Alternative History Fridays: Dr. Tundra in the Dock About 500 words, rated PG 13.

Author's comments: A fiction about Dr. Tundra, the teaching of evolution, and how a court case about that might look in a fundamentalist America. (Not humor this time, though there is a mention of the FSM.)

[Um, um, um... Well, I'm a creationist/young-earther... :-)]


Lee Zanello from 'See The Donkey' offers "God's Children". 400 words, rated G.

Author's comments: Another entry in a series of short vignettes, this one about a Godchild still in his omnipotent infancy, learning about who he is and what it is exactly he can do.

[Interesting concept.]


Goemagog of This space for sublet submits the Epic of Bob. Word count is 513; rating PG.

Author's comment: Nature Vs. Nature



Lori Moore of North to AK presents A Pirate Looks at 28. Word count is 562; rating is G.

Author's comments: This post came about when thinking about outsourcing and the companies using cruise ships to port software developers around the world. What if there were outsourcing pirates?

[Piracy never really goes away. And she gives a link for finding your own pirate name.]


From 'Atlas Shrugs,' we have 'A Yiddish Tale!' About 600 words, rated G.

The original author is unknown. Meyer, a lonely widower, buys a parrot who speaks Yiddish...

[This is a story that I have read and enjoyed on the web before. Timely (Rosh Hashannah was this past week) and funny.]


Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium has a new 'Sage of Wales' tale: Romero is a Pain. Word count is 887; rating PG.

Author's comments: Rupert is stuck on an island full of idiots. But not the normal kind.

[Rupert is going to have quite a tale to tell, once he gets himself out of this one.]


From Dave Gudeman of Doc Rampage, Scale 7 Artifact, part 13. Word count is 1212 of 21,149; rating is PG.

Author's comments: the romantic subplot thickens, but I throw in some hardware to placate the male readership.

[One of the reasons I *really* do not like matchmaking...]


Theron Marshman from Harkonnendog offers CLOWN Chapter 28: Boxing. 1368 words; rating is PG-13.

Author's comments: In which Clown argues about what an artist is, describes the different levels of poets, and wonders if it would be morally okay to kill his boss.

[Interesting analysis of what makes a poet a poet.]


The Colossus presents the latest post (excerpt #19) of 'The Spy Novel.' (Archive file of the entire novel to this point can be found here.) Word count, 2508 of 37,209 so far; rated PG-13 for combat violence.

Author's comments: Here is Eric Ashley's summary, which I thought was apt: "Cold, controlled, paranoid, and searching speculation based on tiny clues, this story sucks you in, and grabs you. Who are your friends? Is the hero that, or simply a protagonist of questionable virtue, although undoubted skill? When will the betrayal come, and who will do it? Crisp writing style, and more questions than one can shoot with a full clip of ammo."

[I can't improve on that.]


Donald S. Crankshaw from Back of the Envelope has posted Flight, Chapter 8 of Fire. (You can read the full story so far here.) 3,322 words of a 90,110 word novel; rating is PG-13.

Author's comments: Gaius's cohort is being hunted by the Orcs. The Dominus may be the only one who can keep him alive, but does Gaius dare trust him?

[I like the scene at the end of this chapter too.]


And my own entry, from Tales by Sheya: the next seven chapters of 'the child.' (first chapter here) Chapters 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, and 107. Word count: 4572 of 82,799 so far; rating PG.

Author's comment: Just when the Enemy's fortress is at last within view, plans go deeply awry.


And there you have it. Please join us in two weeks at Back of the Envelope for Storyblogging Carnival XXX. Feel free to link to the Carnival on your blog, tell all your friends, and consider hosting an upcoming Carnival as well.


Thank you Sheya for your kind words. I'd planned to submit to this carnival but the time slipped away on me, and suddenly it was too late.

Probably something to do with going to a SF convention-Constellation.

I'll link to this post later today, and thanks for your work here.

Eric R. Ashley
Thanks for hosting this Sheya, and thanks for including "Dr. Tundra in the Dock", even though it might not have been your cup of tea. Very gracious!

You'll find my entry on the carnival here:

All the best,
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