Monday, October 03, 2005


the child, one hundred five

'Stone came from the deepest parts of the dungeons. He just said so. Maybe not in so many words, but he said it.'

Starr. Sweet Starr-girl, her voice so quiet and gentle. Stone's heart was pierced with love for her once again.

'And what was it that you just said, Walker?' she added. 'You said that the Master plucked him out of those dungeons? Well, if you really believe the Master plucked him out of there, then he can pluck others out too. So why are you acting this way?'

'You don't understand!' the man cried in frustration.

'What don't we understand? Stone was in the dungeons, same as all of us. The Master set him free, same as all of us. What don't we understand?'

'But it's not the same! That part of the dungeon is... different.'

'Different? It may be deeper than the rest - harder to escape from. But different?' Starr asked.

'You don't understand,' Walker repeated.

'What I understand,' said Jack slowly, 'is that you were supposed to come here first, scout out the dungeons, find one person for each of the six teams to rescue - but you only found five. And that's apparently because you refused to go to the deepest dungeon. And that... is apparently because you don't think they can be rescued. That somehow, the Master's love isn't strong enough to break their chains.'

'That's not it!'

'Oh. Well. Is it maybe that the Master's love is strong enough - but yours isn't?'

Walker's look was dangerous. 'What are you saying?'

'You tell me. Does the Master love these people? Or are they so disgusting that not even he could love them? And that means you don't have to love them either?'

'I love them!'

Jack shook his head sadly. 'Only at a distance, I'm afraid.'

'Fine!' Glaring at the whole lot of them, Walker took the final page left in his hand, tore it to shreds, and flung it to the floor. 'I'm not good enough for your little holiness club. Do the job yourselves then!' He stormed out the cave entrance and away.

And then he was back. 'But just you try to get into the fortress all by yourselves, without me to help you. Ha!'

And he was gone.

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