Monday, April 11, 2005


Storyblogging Carnival XVI

Welcome to Storyblogging Carnival XVI. I hope you enjoy the nine stories.


Lee Zanello of 'See The Donkey' offers 'Just Friends.' A 400-word brief story, rated PG-13 (for some rough language).

Author's blurb: A little bit jealous and a little overprotective, such is the nature of unrequited love.

[This is the second entry from Lee in his series of 400-word stories which he calls 'flash fiction.' (Well, I'm assuming 'he'...) Interesting concept: tell a complete story in a very brief span of words. I might try that... sj]


Morgan Evans from 'Jedi Philosopher' is a new contributor to the carnival. His offering is part one of 'The Hormenith Portal Incident.' This is the first 600 words (or so) of a 2460-word science fiction/fantasy story. Rating for part one: G (but later parts will be PG-13).

Author's blurb: The story is mostly (so far) about a desk-bound spy who romanticises the field work of spying, makes an important discovery in his desk job, eventually gets to work as a field agent, disabusing him of his romantic notions about such work. A secondary plot concerns a university researcher who rescues his pet cat and eventually falls in love with him.

[Well, let's see - I like science fiction, and spy stories, and cats... Sounds like a winner to me! sj]


From Tom Harrison of 'Monday Evening,' we have 'The Greeter and his Wife.' A 750-word story with a rating of G.

Author's blurb: A tale of magic, greed, and contentment

[A delightful twist on a story you may recognize. sj]


Jeremiah Lewis of 'Fringe' has entered
'Chapter 19, Jailbird, excerpt 1,' which is part of his continuing novel, 'Turnpike Blues.' This excerpt is rated R for strong language, and runs to 1,646 words.

Author's blurb: In the continuing saga of Ferret-Eye Jack, Jack has been framed for the murder of two policemen and is now in the custody of police from a different city. He wakes up, badly bruised and broken, and recalls the few details he can remember just after being brought into the jailhouse.

[Jeremiah is not kidding about the rating for the language; some of it is very rough, but just the sort of language you would expect from men in a jail. sj]


Donald S. Crankshaw of 'Back of the Envelope' has posted 'Home,' which is Chapter 11 of his continuing novella 'Eyes in the Shadow.' This chapter has a rating of PG-13, and a word count of 3,343 words of a total of 35,975 so far.

Author's blurb: Ryan, Emily, and Dominic arrive at the home of Emily's and Dominic's parents. Unfortunately, no home is safe when there is evil in your midst.

[Cliffhanger! Ahhhhhhh! sj]


Dave Gudeman at 'Doc Rampage' has the next two scenes, 10 and 11, of 'A Meating of Mines.' The rating is PG-13 (for violence). The next 3,349 words of a 13,640-word continuing screen play.

Author's blurb, scene 10: Rolf and Zantar have suffered a setback. They both look like Rocky at the end of the movie. And they are currently hog-tied and being kicked around some more. Can they survive? Can they escape? Can they ever forgive the rudeness?

[My blurb, scene 11: Hmm - apparently, they can't. sj]


Here at 'Tales by Sheya,' I have the next five chapters of 'the child': 45, 46, 47, 48, and 49. This adds 3,495 words to my on-going 39,251-word novella. Rating: umm... G, I guess.

Author's blurb: This section is called 'Dark Night of the Soul' for good reason. And is based on a few times that I have gone out into the dark night and yelled at GOD.


Lyle Skains from 'Hermitville' offers the story 'Drowning Jonathan.' 4,189 words, with a rating of G/PG.

Author's blurb: A woman is forced to let go of a past love.

[There is a word in this story that might offend sensitive readers. A haunting tale, well told. sj]


Andrew Ian Dodge of 'GoD' (Growing Old Disgracefully) gives us 'The Reader.' A 6,061 word tale regarding the Sage. A bit unusually heavy in the strong language this time; rating is at least a PG-13.

Author's blurb: A monk has a talent that will end up getting him into lots of trouble. Can the Sage save him in time?

[If you are a follower of Andrew's 'The Sage' stories, you will be delighted to find that a certain character debuts in this story - not saying who. sj]


And there you have it. Hope you enjoyed the stories this time. Please leave comments to the stories; as an author, I know that we writers love feedback!


Thought I'd take a break from politics, and what a pleasant break this was. Thanks for the stories, and the effort.

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