Tuesday, March 15, 2005


rosie writes again!

More about the talking cat, from my almost 7-year-old daughter Rosie.


The Cool Cat 2

by Sheya's kid Rosie

My cat could talk but my brothers and sisters did not believe. My cat came with the mail.


The cat said what does it say?

Maybe Mom could read it to you.

Yeah, sure.

Why are you mad?

Your brothers were kicking me like a ball.

Come, Ben. We're gonna buy a new dog.

But the cat? What about the cat? He or she will hurt him.


Who said that? said one of my sisters.

My cat.

It can't be.

No, I'm telling the truth.

No, bye.

Man, Mom, the cat will get hurt.

Ok. A cat.

Yes, yes!

Cat, did you say that?


But when they got there, it had no cats, so they got a bunny. Mom said the bunny will not hurt anything. And when they came back, the bunny said please treat me good.


The cat said I said to get a cat!

But there were not any.

Ok. A bunny will not hurt.

Will you hurt me? said the bunny.



All of my brothers and sisters came back.

Who are they?

The bunny talked just like I said all along about the cat. But they ran off.


(the previous 'cool cat' story)

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