Monday, January 31, 2005


Storyblogging Carnival XI

Welcome to the eleventh biweekly edition of the Storyblogging Carnival. We have six entries this time, for your reading enjoyment:


First, from Brian J. Noggle of Musings from Brian J. Noggle, we have this 1000-word entry entitled Shepherd: At College.

Rated G.

Brian says of it: A damsel in distress and a tough guy who thinks he can save her.


Curtis at a-sdf has submitted the third chapter of his short novella "Walking to California." 1017 words, with a sensitivity rating of PG.

In this chapter, Chris shares in the kindness of a stranger - and in an old and familiar poem.


Our next entry is from Tom Harrison of Monday afternoon. His story is In the Telling. About 1200 words long, rated PG.

Tom says of it: A story is a magical thing, and sometimes that's a problem.


Next we have a new chapter of 'Eyes in the Shadow' from Donald S. Crankshaw of Back of the Envelope. This is Chapter 7: A Back Door. The author's suggested rating is PG.

Chapter 7 is 3,307 words long; the entire story-in-progress comes to 23,805 words. Links for the other six chapters are conveniently listed at the end of the post.

Author's blurb: Red-eyes has only been chasing Ryan and Emily for twenty-four hours, although it's beginning to feel like much longer. He hasn't caught them, yet, but is it them that he's really after?


Doc Rampage (aka Dave Gudeman) offers A Visit to an AG Lab. Rating: G; word count: 3847

Author's blurb: It used to be common to present arguments in the form of a dialog. I follow that venerable tradition in this piece which is (obliquely) about modern Artificial Intelligence programs. I’ve had many discussions on the issue and it seems that I just can’t get my basic point through. It’s probably my own fault for not being clear enough, but it’s frustrating, and this dialog is an expression of that frustration. If you’ve never read any of the AI literature you won’t get the analogies, but it should still be entertaining.


And now for my own entry. I did some checking, and discovered that I haven't submitted any chapters of 'the child' to the Storyblogging Carnival since the last time I hosted the carnival, back in December. I have been writing more chapters - slowly. But I also wrote some stand-alone stories in the meantime, and submitted those to the last few carnivals instead.

But now, back to 'the child.' Chapters 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31 are now up here at my own blog, Tales By Sheya. These give the next 6691 words of a 24,280-word continuing story. Rating: G.

Author's blurb: Starr's dreams - Stone's past - the relationship between the two of them seems to be taking off now. As a new direction in the journey of their lives opens up before them.


And that concludes the Storyblogging Carnival for this fortnight. Hope you have enjoyed the stories this time. Looking forward to the next carnival, in two weeks, at Back of the Envelope.

Ack, I didn't send anything in durnit. I didn't get the reminder email...bugger. Nicely done though!
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