Monday, January 17, 2005


storyblogging carnival X (and IX)

The tenth edition of the Storyblogging Carnival is up at Back of the Envelope. I missed ever linking to the ninth carnival - I had just gotten a new laptop (yay!) and was busy loading all my stuff into it, while taking all my (boring) stuff off the old computer for the kids to have it.

Eleven stories in the tenth carnival - I haven't read them all yet. Go have a look for yourself. What I have read so far is interesting. Donald Crankshaw has the next chapter of his novel-in-progress up, and Doc Rampage has a story 'ripped from today's headlines' (ha ha!) called 'Cokey goes flying' - be sure to read that one!

Well, I have volunteered myself to host the next carnival, number XI, in two weeks time. So get some stories up online and send 'em in. Let's keep the Storyblogging rolling.

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