Tuesday, December 21, 2004


the prison

I built this prison with my own two hands. Carefully, carefully, I laid each brick in its place, building strong with iron bars embedded through the bricks.

I built to last.

No one shall escape - not from my prison! Ha ha!

I built it - of every slur, every slight. Every degrading word ever spoken against me. Of such things I built it. And of every time I was excluded. Insulted. Impugned.

I built it strong. Strong walls to hide behind. Strong walls, to keep them out.

I built it. So why should I tear down these walls? Let others assail them with their words - they shall not prevail! This is my fortress! My prison.

I am the warden. And the prisoner. This is my place, my refuge. From the hateful them beyond. They hate me, I know. Therefore I hate them. I will hate them first, before they have the chance to hurt me with their words.

Hate is my weapon. And my defense.

I am alone.

I like it.

What could ever assail these walls I have built, to bring them down? Ha! God Himself could not break through!


What is this I hear? This little word?

No... this simple little word... two syllables long... big enough to bring to ruin the work of my lifetime, the work of my walls, my prison I have built.


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