Friday, November 19, 2004


the child, seventeen

'You will begin,' said the Master, 'to go among my people, showing me to them.'

'Showing you to them?' asked Starr. 'Don't they see you for themselves?'

'All of them saw me when I came to rescue them. But most of them do not see me for who I am. Most, when they see me, do not realize it is I. And many have lost the ability to see or hear me.'

'That is sad.'

'It is. But you see me, and shall show me to them.'

She fell silent. Remembering. Remembering the sight of him, the Master, becoming greater and greater till he was greater than all that exists.

'My true size,' he commented. 'Few see that.'

'Why me?' she asked.

'Because you know who you are.'

'I do? But who am I? I am nothing and no one.'

'Exactly. Apart from me, that is exactly who you are: nothing and no one.' He smiled. 'But in me, dear heart, you are my bride. And also...' He touched her cheek gently. 'You are my little girl. Just that. Always know that of yourself. For it is when you begin to think of yourself as somebody - ah, Starr! That is when you must beware. I will not work through those given over to pride. Only through those who are given over to me. Pride is Jessie's way, the enemy's way. And you do not want to go that way.'

No. That was true. She didn't.

His bride, he had said just now. That reminded her... 'You are more than I thought you were, at the first,' she said.

'Yes. I am.'

'I don't understand then. How can I be wed to you?'

He smiled. 'All those of my house will be wed to me, eventually. My Bride. One with me. I made marriage to be a rich symbol of that, of the oneness I desire with my people. As a husband loves his wife and protects her with his very life's blood - so I love my people. As a bride loves her husband, desiring with all her being to please him, to be with him, to love and admire and be one with him. To set aside her own desires and mold herself to his. So should my people love me.'

It was true. That she understood. For that was how she loved him, or wanted to. Selflessly. Utterly. Completely.

'I speak through symbols, Starr. I enjoy my symbols which I have woven into the world. Marriage is one of the deepest and dearest symbols I have given. Another symbol I have given,' and he pointed, 'is one that you bear there at your side.'

She looked where he was pointing, puzzled. 'My sword?'

'Yes. The sword. That too is symbolic.'

'It is?'

'Oh, yes. Very much so. And this is what it is symbolic for.' And as she looked up at him, he reached with his finger.

And touched his tongue.

'The sword is your tongue?'

'And yours also. You have seen, I know, how Jessie on the mountain uses her tongue as a sword. To pierce and kill and destroy. To devastate and ravage. You see how a tongue may be a sword.'

Yes. Starr shuddered at the awful memory.

'My tongue, my sword, has a different use. Against the enemy, it is to destroy and bring to nothing his plans of evil. Against people, it is not to destroy though, but rather to heal. To cut away those things of evil that have been implanted in the person, to set them free. As when I broke the chains from your arms to set you free. My sword heals and sets free.'

'Your words.'

'Coming out of your mouth, yes.'

They walked on in silence for a bit. Until Starr said slowly, 'For your words to come out of me, my Beloved, they must first be in me.'

'That is so, little one. That is why we have spent so many days, so much time, together. My words have I planted into you, into the fertile soil of your heart, my love. That when you need to speak, I will be what comes out of your mouth.'

They stopped walking and stood together, he towering over her, smiling down on her. 'And this too is a symbol, my Starr. A rich and sweet symbol, given to thee. This too is me putting my words into your mouth. My love.'

And he kissed her. And she melted.

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