Tuesday, October 05, 2004


a little excitement in the house

~~~a recent actual event at my house ~ I thought I would try my hand at writing it up as a narrative~~~

I was awaken by the soft thump of something small landing on the bed near my head. A bleary-eyed glance told me it was my daughter's cat.

I was too sleep-fogged at first to think what that meant: to recall how the little cat had been getting wider and wider in recent days; how she had seemed a little - hmm - well, not really sick, but not exactly herself that day either. If I had been just a bit more awake right then, I might have realized what was coming.

A second glance at the cat revealed that she had made a dark damp stain on the bed. Oh tremendous, I thought. Now I have to change my sheets. I called for one of the kids to bring a towel for me to wipe up the mess - still not quite recognizing what was happening.

You'd think I would have recognized it, having been through the human version seven times myself.

And then suddenly it hit me what was happening. 'Bring a towel!' I cried again.

I was still too sleepy to be thinking quite straight; too sleepy to think of moving the cat off my bed entirely. No, I was thinking to lay the towel on the bed and shift the cat onto the towel. But quickly, very quickly. Before it was too...

And then it was too late. Suddenly there were two cats in my bed. And the new one was very, very tiny...


In all, she had four kittens - right there in my bed, as I and the children watched. And she did so well! First-time mama, but she knew everything to do: licking each baby clean and dry, cleaning up everything after herself. Why, when she was done, there was barely any sign left that she had been having babies there!

(I still washed the sheets.)

After the last kitten was born, I brought to my daughter a box and some towels, and she made up a nest for her cat and the babies, putting them right there in the bottom of my closet. Four sweet little kittens, all the very same color as their mama.

Yeah, it was worth the messy sheet!

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