Saturday, October 09, 2004


the child, two

The soup was warm and savory, pleasing to the Child's nose as well as to her tongue. A hand she could barely see in the returned brightness spooned it up for her, as the same voice that had spoken to the Child before spoke to her, soothing words, savory and pleasing to her ear.

'After you have eaten and rested again, we will take you out into the sunshine for a while. Your legs will be happy for the stretching, and your lungs for the fresh air. We have...'

'Where am I?' the Child interrupted.

The voice paused, and when it spoke next, the Child could hear the smile in it. 'We have the Mountain of Spices as our neighbor, as we were about to tell you,' said the voice. 'That is where you are, at the foot of the Mountain of Spices. You know where that is?'

The Child shook her head.

A hand came out of the brightness to rest on the Child's brow. 'There is much you do not know, and the time is short. Much you should have remembered. They were very cruel to you, we believe.'

'Who?' asked the Child. 'Who was cruel?'

The hand withdrew, then spooned up more soup to her. 'Those who put upon your arms such chains.'

Again, in the brightness surrounding the voice, the Child could see no chains, though her head turned automatically to look at the corner where she knew her old shackles lay.

'Who...' and the Child swallowed hard, her eyes troubled. 'Who brought me here?'

'The soup is finished now, and you need rest. Yes, even still, after sleeping three days. When you wake and rise, we will take you outside. You will like that.'

The voice rose and moved away towards the door. Taking again the brightness with it.

'But who brought me here?' the Child asked again.

At the door, the voice paused. 'When he comes again for you, he will explain all.'

'He is coming back?' the Child asked.

The sound of the door opened, the brightness hovering in the doorway. 'Yes. Many has he brought here in chains, little one. Many has he left in our care. Always he has returned to bear them on further. He will return for you as well.'

'But when? When will he return?' the Child asked in eagerness and wonder.

'When you are ready,' the voice replied gently. And then the door closed, shutting off both the voice and the accompanying brightness from the Child's sight.

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I am enjoying this. You ask for suggestions in the description. All I have at current is perhaps go with a different word at the second occurence of savory in the first paragraph here, though I realize the like nourishment and pleasure you are drawing between the soup and voice. Another possibility:

The broth was warm and supple, soothing too the childs...

...soothing words, sweet and nourishing to her ear.

Hmm... I dunno, just a thought. I'll be back to read more soon!
This is nice. As most of your stories here are. I am afraid I can't suggest anything as of now. Hope you keep writing....
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