Tuesday, October 26, 2004


the child, eight

It was beautiful out here, under the moon, under the stars, under the shadow of the mountain. Slowly they walked, her hand in his. Slowly, softly, quietly.

'There are many questions in your heart, precious Child,' said he. 'What would you ask me?'

Ah, the questions crowded together within her! Which would make it first out of her mouth?

'Who are you?'

He paused in his walk to touch her softly on the forehead. 'I am the one whose name you bear, here.'

Her own hand flew up to touch the same spot. 'Your name is here?' she asked, astounded.

He smiled, his eyes crinkling merrily in the corners. 'Oh yes.'

'I never knew! I never saw...!'

'Not all can see it, dear. Not yet. Not now. But soon shall the letters blaze from your brow as written in fire. Then will all see my name upon you, and know whose you are.'

He took her hand again, and on they walked.

'Ask what you will, dear heart,' he prompted.

A sigh. 'Who am I?'

'One who is well loved.'

That was true, and she knew it. The depth, the richness of his love for her was like a flooding stream, flowing over and through her, washing away every ancient ache from her heart, from her soul. She sighed. 'I don't remember who I am, though.'

'You are one of those, my little one, of whom it is said: Hearken, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear; forget also thine own people, and thy father's house; So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty...'

A very deep blush spread over her cheeks. 'I have no beauty,' she whispered.

'You have more than you know,' he replied. Gently, lovingly, his hand touched her cheek, her sweetly blushing cheek. She leaned into the touch, her eyes closing. How she longed for that hand to stay there forever!

'Sweet Child...' he said. And then he added with a chuckle, 'Forever is a very long time, you know.'

Her eyes flew open. She stared up at him. 'How... how can you know what I was thinking?'

'I know everything about you, little one.'

'Everything?' she said hungrily. 'Everything? My name? My age? You've been calling me Child, so I suppose I am young. But I don't even know how old I am...'

'I call all those who come for refuge under my roof my children. Even the very old ones, dear. You are not old. Nor are you a tiny child. You are a gracious young woman, beautiful and blessed.'

Again she blushed.

'But these things that you do not now remember, mine own - do not let them trouble you. What you need to remember, you will remember in the time that you need it.'

'I don't understand.'

'You will. In the proper time, you will.'

He took her hand and they walked on again, under the stars, the great and close stars. 'Now,' he said thoughtfully, 'as for your name...' And he lifted his face to the velvet-deep star-strewn sky.

'Pick one,' said he.

Hesitantly she pointed to a star at random. 'Oh, that one.'

He smiled. 'No, my dear. Pick one. I mean literally. Pluck a star from the sky.'

Astonishment paled her face. 'What? But how?'

'Simply put forth your hand and pick.' He smiled confidently. 'Trust me, Child. Do so.'

She stretched forth her arm to the heavens above her, feeling silly even in her obedience. Not knowing what else to do, she aimed for a largish star right overhead - closed her eyes - closed her hand...

There was a weight inside her hand now. She could feel it. She drew her hand back to herself - opened her hand - opened her eyes...

And there nestled in her palm, glowing like the glows yet shimmering in the skies, was a ball, fuzzy and silvery, faintly pulsating.

She gasped and looked up into his sweetly bemused face.

'Now eat it,' said he.

'Eat it?' she faltered.

'Yes,' said he. 'If you can pick a star in obedience to me, you can also eat it at my word. Yes?'

Slowly, her eyes on his face, she raised her hand to her mouth. Placed the fuzzy star-ball within her lips. Chewed. Swallowed.

He smiled and drew forth a pure white cloth to wipe the star-juice running down her chin. 'My good girl,' he said. 'Never fear to obey me, no matter how silly it makes you feel.'

'What just happened?' she asked.

'They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament,' said he. 'And they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.' He smiled on her. 'I have given you a star to eat. That is a symbol to you which you shall never forget. And with the eating of the star, I give to you a name - a new name. You are to me my little star-like one.

'I name thee Starr.'

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Hello Sheya, I really enjoyed this story. I stumbled upon it looking for the meaning of my name, Sheya. I found this web page and lingered because it looked interesting. Based on what you have written I see you know my heavenly father and He has blessed you with the ability write and to use your writing to give Him glory.
God bless you and I accept that I am star to Him.
Sheya Martin
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